Anonymous said: Hi wash um I heard you used to wet the bed during project freelancer is that true? *hides behind a box

No.  Of course not.


fl-agent-alaska said: For all those people who wonder about Wash's male/female preference: There is none. The only one I have ever seen him show any interest in is Eleven. I cannot count the number of times agent Cali walked into his bedroom in nothing but a towel to ask for some shampoo or other toiletry item, and he never paid any attention to her. On the flip side, I have personally caught Wash and Eleven making out during their "wrestling" practices in the gym. And Wash? You missed out on Cali ;)



Woah I just




Wash. Protecting the Blood Gulchers. That was so… assertive


I’ll be in my b— *stops*

I mean— uh— I— I’ll be right back.

Didn’t expect that of me, Ells?  Come on.  You should know me better than that.


Anonymous said: did you figure out what happened to georgia?

You really don’t want to know.


Anonymous said: why do you have such a thick skull?

I don’t have a thick skull.


Anonymous said: Eleven likes your laugh. Laugh more often.

Uh…  Thanks for the information, I think?


agent-eleven said: Shut up. You and I both know that I'm the more mature out of the both of us.

I just don’t think so.


agent-eleven said: Well that's just a matter of peni-- *stops* /opinion!/

Real mature Eleven.


agent-eleven said: Personal? *grins* I thought we were talking about guns and ammunition.

Considering the size of my usual rifle, I assumed that’s what you were trying to insinuate.


agent-eleven said: Oh, is that so? From the four-- no, three-inch-- monstrosity? I beg to differ.

Eleven, you aren’t that funny.  Shut up with the personal insults.


agent-eleven said: No? Because I'm laughing pretty hard right now at your lack of... firepower.

I have plenty of firepower.


agent-eleven said: Nonetheless, it's a blow you can't deny is true. *smirks*

Yes I can, Ells.

You’re not funny.


agent-eleven said: If by "big gun" you mean you can handle a pistol four inches long, then yes. I agree.

Oh come on, Eleven.  That’s a low blow.


agent-eleven said: I'm surprised you didn't kill yourself with it. It looked hard to handle.

Really?  So little faith in me.

I can handle a big gun.



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